Watertots - Teaching Your Tots To Swim



Watertots is a swimming school for babies and children which combines lesson plans with a syllabus set to a child’s pace to create a fun, safe and natural learning environment in the pool. Games, toys, songs, laughter and swimming activities are used to help develop trust, confidence, endurance and independence in the pool. The Watertots team are all fully qualified swimming instructors and certified in CPR, first aid and life saving.

Term dates for 2014 – 2015 Term please click below:

2014-2015 Term Dates & Class Details

The Classes?

The Classes run on Mondays at the Robinson Centre, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturdays at Methodist College and Saturdays and Sundays at Campbell College. The age groups for group classes are from 4 months to 6 year old and for 3-10 year old kids in private classes. See our Classes Section for further details.

The Watertots Aim?
The Watertots aim is to create an environment where kids will enjoy their experience from day one so they will continue to enjoy swimming for a lifetime.

Watertots aims to promote:

  • Safety and a healthy respect for water.
  • Confidence in the water with regard to balance, propulsion and independence.
  • Progression from support with buoyancy aids to less support and finally no support.
  • To assist the adult to develop in the child a positive attitude towards water safety.
  • Provide the highest standard of learning through play to encourage the social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of your child whilst having lots of fun along the way.

Water, kids, fun and learning to swim, its an unbeatable combination!