Interactive classes for 3 month to 6 year old kids together with their carer or parent in the group. Watertots combines well organised lesson plans with a syllabus set to a childs pace to create a fun, safe and natural learning environment in the pool. Games, toys, songs, laughter and activities are used to help develop trust, confidence, endurance and independence. Classes run on  Sunday at Campbell College.

Available for children between 3 and 13 years old. Private Lessons form a half hour session with two or three children of equal ability and one instructor in the water. Private lessons take place at Methody on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday morning; Inst (RBAI) on Friday and Saturday afternoons and Campbell College on a Sunday. Private classes are for all abilities, from complete beginners to kids aiming to be proficient in all 4 strokes.

Cheetah Squad is a 1 hour session for advanced swimmers to perfect technique and build stamina. Cheetah squad is an alternative for kids who do not want to go down the swimming club route of swimming 3/4 times a week, however want to keep up their technique and continue to improve their fitness, stamina and overall performance.  It takes place on a Wednesday night, Friday night and Saturday afternoon at Inst (RBAI) and also a Sunday at Campbell College. Swimmers must be over nine years old and be able to swim several lengths competently.

Watertots is unique in that group and private classes run hand in hand in many of our venues so if you have 2, 3 or 4 kids we can often have them swimming at the same within different groups whilst you swim with your baby or toddler.

Water, kids, fun and learning to swim, its an unbeatable combination.